Spirits are Free Types of Attachment

Set out is a broad outline of types of attachment to help you understand this little known phenomenon.

This website does not claim to hold all the answers nor does it claim to be a complete guide and it is written from our direct experiences.

It is however, a comprehensive overview and, as such, we hope you will find it helpful. See the Booklist & Links page for further research.

Although science has not yet proved the presence of spirit attachment, there is much evidence to suggest that these can and do exist and can have a strong influence on our lives. There has been much research into near death and out of body experiences and it is not the remit of this website to enter into philosophical discussions.

In our experience there are many possible outcomes to spirit release for the soul or entity we are dealing with at the time. We treat every entity or soul we meet with respect and compassion and ask each individual if there is unfinished business on this earth plane. We always endeavour to assist the individual with resolution wherever possible. No being is ever treated discourteously.

What can affect us along the lines described in the FAQ’s section can be various in nature and some of these types of attachments are set out in the sub-sections that follow.

Once medical causes for some of these symptoms have been discarded, other possibilities are to be considered including energies coming from our own subconscious and unconscious minds that can be perceived as having a life of their own. For example - from complexes (a complex arises whenever there is a defeat – Carl G Jung), to our past lives, to earthbound entities, to ‘spiritual beings’. This latter realm can encompass alien forms of consciousness some of which are termed ‘dark energies’ in some quarters.

1. Earth bound spirits, ghosts, lost souls
2. Thought forms
3. Negative energy and psychic attack
4. Curses, cords, vows and contracts
5. Past life attachments and ancestral patterns
6. Inner child fragments and soul retrieval
7. Satanic influences, dark force, demons and the collective unconscious
8. Programmes, mind control programmes and Implants
9. Entities and Clusters
10. ET's & More Implants
11. Elementals
12. Earth Energies

DEFINITION OF A GHOST – a soul caught in an incident, most likely their own traumatic death – waiting for some kind person to come along and help them. L. Kin

We speak from our experience, Tina’s formal training and from actual accounts of conversations with earth bound spirits, totaling some 2,000 cases to date. In a study Tina carried out some 4 years ago, out of 250 earthbound spirits, 248 were traumatic, sudden death. The other two refused to leave the earth plane because they didn't want a relative to get their money!

At the incident of their death not all of the spirits stay with their body, perhaps if they did there would be a different outcome to becoming stuck on the earth plane. They report being shocked out, too horrified at the sight of their injured body to bear to look, rushing off to get help not realising that nobody can hear them – simply not realising they have died.

They hover about and move around in space often not realising that they are ‘dead’ and that they cannot be heard by the living. They can be attracted by human, animal or earth energy fields thereby becoming ‘attachments’.

Tina had a very personal experience of just this type of event if you are interested to read about it, otherwise skip down to the next paragraph.

*Tina reports on her website www.tinaleeure.com her own near death experience, which is repeated here for those interested. It was when she stopped breathing during an operation 1976 and realised that she was looking down on her body and that it was ‘dead’. She panicked and left at high speed, only to find herself in a black place with nothing – some kind of abyss – it was terrifying. After further panic and distress she saw a speck of what looked like dust. There then followed an experience of realisation that the speck of dust was part of her, of everything in the whole universe and the often-reported experience of bliss, connection and oneness. Soon after that, Tina was informed that it wasn’t her time (but she could stay if she wanted to) and made the reluctant but necessary return journey to her body to fulfill her life promises. She reports knowing that she had work to do.

Had Tina seen a speck of light whilst in the blackness (this could be a person with their energy field down, a child, a living soul maybe) she would have gone straight to that light and possibly become an earthbound spirit herself. *

A few stuck souls are stuck because of souls that attached to them and their need to be counselled in just the same way. It is our experience that releasing one soul doesn’t automatically reach or release the other.

We make thorough checks to ensure that all is clear.

Earth bound spirits that are trapped often feel confused, lost and afraid. They are sometimes looking for help and are some times drawn to living people. If they died in physical or emotional pain, these pains can appear within the person they join and with whom they resonate, feel comfortable with or whom they think might be able to help them. They will reside in a person’s or animal’s energy field, in a house or place that they resonate with in some way. They most likely will cause unintentional problems for those they are linked with or attached to. When told that they are possibly hurting the person, the response is often distress because they didn’t understand they are causing problems. Quite often, they don’t actually realize that they are dead as the decision to ‘run’ is a split second one – as in the near death experience Tina recounts.

It can take a good deal of time and sensitivity to help these souls. We ask for help from their ancestors and loved ones so that there is somebody familiar to help them and that can be so comforting for the soul. Even if the death has taken place many years ago, the ancestor seems able to manifest in the same time zone, which is further comforting.

“A thought form is a psychic entity that separates from its originator and develops a life of its own. The lowest form is a complex, which is something that modifies your behavior without you being aware of it but it is there all the time in the background. In its strongest form, a thought form could manifest as a poltergeist”. Ric Cuminetti

“A complex arises when there has been a defeat” C. Jung

For example – you have a thought form as a child following a trauma. Mum who is already upset, shouts at you and really loses her temper, perhaps for the first time, because you drew all over the walls in indelible felt pen and screams "you stupid child – you ruin everything – look what you’ve done." The devastated child thinks – 'I am stupid – I ruin everything – I am a destroyer'.

When any new task is attempted, the thought form kicks in and the child stops creating, feels miserable and becomes destructive.

The child becomes an adult and has a history of failure and finds learning difficult. He/she does not progress in life. The thought form is now bigger and has a life of its own. The person is destructive but doesn’t understand why. When we locate that same thought form we are able to explain that it is somewhat outdated and offer it the chance to transform, in co-operation with the person’s own Higher Mind, into something helpful and positive.

Another example could be a desire to stay protected and instead of being just a simple protective shield, the Thought Form is too strong, and blocks the person from receiving anything in terms of energy and is so tight and restrictive that it actually hurts. The person is exhausted, depleted and feels cut off. Their own desire for protection has caused them to be in this condition. A simple remote scan will rectify this situation.

We talk with these thought forms also and let them know that there are not being helpful to the person. There is always the possibility of transformation and the client often feels the result of working with a Thought Form instantaneously and often tells us the exact time we were working with them.

Much as a thought form can become matter, negative energy can be harnessed, both accidentally and deliberately and can manifest to affect the originator or be used to affect others.

Negative energy is left over in what some term as the lower astral planes of the earth and is also sometimes called the collective unconscious. As humans we have a chequered history of oppression, dictatorships, devil worship, war, pestilence and the souls who died, their perpetrators, the victims, the angry and bereaved at times don’t move on. It is the energy of these souls and their associated thought forms that can be harnessed or drawn in to us. Sometimes these souls are aligned with dark forces and off world entities and used for purposes of harm and destruction.

Of course, we also generate our own misery and we all know what it is like to walk into the energy field of a depressed or angry person. Imagine if those feelings can be ‘sent’ to another with just a thought. Worse still with ritual and intent.

These projections can sometimes be felt as a physical blow and can cause all sorts of misery, depression and illness.

We work with these energies to reverse their effect and wherever possible to help them find peace and resolution. We often find ourselves connecting with large numbers of souls in this work and it is quite remarkable how many of our clients facilitate the healing of many.

Psychic attack can be either a deliberate or unintentional ‘attack’ on someone else much as described above. The source is usually a person that is very negative in their attitude and harbours destructive and unpleasant feelings, thoughts and intentions. The energy transmitted can cause a range of problems, such as feeling unwell, problems in relationships and failure to find success and happiness – the list is endless.

In certain societies, nations and cultures it is common practice to employ people who specialise in sending harmful forces to others. People who utilise the lower energy bands to harm others do exist and employ energy workers to attack others who in turn employ energy workers to attack back. Again, we work with these aspects but not to revenge but hopefully to facilitate healing where possible so that the dispute ends. We are sensitive to the laws of freewill and do not make any attempt to interfere except where there is a request from Higher Mind. We leave healing the world to others!

A curse is something sent or decreed by another, which is often kept in operation by a third party. For example – a ship lands on an unspoilt island that has never seen White Man. The crew who fraternise with the locals bring venereal disease. As the ship sails away, the local wise man/witch doctors sends a curse that the fruit of the loins of the sailors will never thrive. So, you have a family who have a lot of early deaths, history of miscarriages who may feel ‘doomed’ or ‘cursed’. This is but one example and perhaps a little extreme but it does give the reader an idea.

One then becomes a mediator between the parties to explain the amount of lives and time this old hurt has taken up and to encourage letting go. If all parties ‘see’ that nobody really died anyway, it is hard to keep up the feud or curse.

A simpler curse can be an argument at home and the powerful, angry, spiteful thought sent out to the offending family member of ‘I’ll hate you for ever’. Here begins a long-standing family feud!

Psychics are sometimes able to psychically ‘see’ a cord from an image during scanning. To follow the cord is to find the person, often a loved one or close friend passed, they are holding on to – sometimes we hold that person to the earth plane not only preventing ourselves from ‘letting go’ but also preventing them from moving on too. To gently untangle the cord with spirit release and perhaps some suggested ways of letting go is to free both parties. Cords can also relate to past lives, old events, sicknesses and alike.

A vow made to a loved one ‘I will never leave you’ – a plea ‘don’t ever go’ can become matter as a thought form and precipitate people living lifetime after lifetime caught up together. This can be mother and daughter, father and son, husband and wife, killer and victim.
The vow can be ‘I’ll get you back’ – 'you’ll pay for this' etc. Finding and clearing these vows create great freedom for all parties.

These sorts of scenarios are often hidden initially by other attachments and take more than a couple of sessions to uncover but they do get uncovered and there is resolution and the letting go of these unhealthy and destructive traps we get caught in.

Less prevalent than the foregoing but just as powerful are contracts where an agreement has been made, perhaps by people who died together in say the war or an accident, to ‘stay together’ and they will become stuck in the earth plane. Other examples are agreements to get somebody back, to execute a business deal of some kind or simply to continue an old feud. There will sometimes be a bit of paper involved that needs to be burnt or destroyed to free the people concerned.

Perhaps it is wrong to group these two together but they do all involve the past and where there is unfinished business for the soul, there will be an earthbound spirit too.

Cords, bonds, contracts or agreements as discussed above, can also link you to past experiences, other people or places. They can cause, as we have said, ill health, pain, exhaustion or a feeling that you have blocks to success and happiness in your life. There can be instances of dark force with past lives as well.

Some of the above apply to other life times (note: if you are uncomfortable with the concepts of other lives, just think of these being stories told by the unconscious mind).

We all know people who seem to be living out of life script of ‘life’s a struggle, I never can win, all men hurt me, love hurts, I’m always being walked over. Another way of looking at these would be to identify with the archetypes we all play out at times.
Through the medium of spirit release, we can have a strong character from a past life who has unfinished business on the earth plane who needs help to move on. The release of this spirit can make a huge difference to one’s happiness.

Tina is a graduate of Dr. Roger Woolger’s Deep Memory Process and works one-to-one with past lives where there is a prevalent body memory. See Tina’s website www.tinaleeure.com and Dr. Roger Woolger’s website.

Remote spirit release is a good way of identifying the source of one’s discomfort. It may be a good idea to seek further help if this is recommended during the scan.

Ancestral patterns too can run through and destroy families. Finding the ancestor who has been unable to let go can also be a great benefit to those in this generation now.

When we encounter a trauma or accident a part of our energy body may become separated from the whole and frozen in that particular time, emotion or behavioral response. When these fragments are retrieved and reunited with the whole, the healing of issues can often then begin to take place.

We do come across these fragmented parts quite frequently in remote spirit release. It can be incredibly helpful to have the story brought to the forefront through remote work and many clients are able to continue healing these parts without therapeutic assistance. Others may benefit from the services of a trained counselor, preferably locally to the client. If not, Tina is available for one-2-one sessions in Hertfordshire or telephone counseling where appropriate.

The history of humankind has been one of organisations, nations and institutions exerting power over one another and the violation of freewill. Wherever this kind of violation has existed you will find dark force present and the possibility of the use of black magic, sorcery, Satan worship, and ritual worship. In every human drama there is the existence of the fight between good and evil, dark and light, God and Satan and this is acted out when we encounter ‘dark forces’ in our work.

Investigation and dialogue usually bring us to the core of the alleged dark force entity where we find a misguided soul who took a path from the light to dark somewhere along the path of life. There may be more than one or they may have joined other aspects. Given time, consideration, respect and a listening ear – these souls can quite quickly decide that their path hasn’t worked for them and that they can make a more positive choice. Some need to be forgiven, to forgive themselves and/or meet their ancestors; others take longer to change their minds.

Some of these dark or demonic forces join with the collective unconscious to gain greater power and greater numbers.

This may strike you as an over simplified description and indeed, some of the cases that come our way are complicated with many layers of disguise and subterfuge built up over lifetimes. However, we do find that ultimately there is goodness and love in every being and we hold the belief that all beings come from the source and that this source is the power of love, light and healing. Whether you call this source God, Buddha, Quan Yin, Higher Mind, or a Higher Power we work to no particular religious conviction.

During our work, Riccardo experiences the joy that souls relate when they are re-connected with the source and find their true nature again.

Dark force entities and alike are often the victims of deceit themselves – they have been told that if they torture, terrorise and make mischief for somebody they will become powerful. They are often told that if they go back to the Light or talk with spirit release workers then a worse fate awaits them. We are often involved in long dialogues whilst we get their trust that the light isn’t a bad place but one of peace, love, and healing and spiritual evolution.

An example of a programme we may encounter at times could be from a past life when a person has been a perpetrator at say age 40 and become, for example, a killer. The guilt at the end of the person’s life has been so great that they instigated a thought form that ‘if I ever get powerful again, I will – destroy myself, lose all my money etc etc’ and it will be set to go off age 40. It may be programmed to go off cyclically at other times of impending power too.

Some people are actually programmed by others – lets call them the implanters -and these programmes are difficult and complicated to unravel. Often one to one therapy is more effective in these cases. The benefit of remote release is that this type of programme can be identified and the client advised as to the next step. This is a highly specialized field.

Tina has a good history of success working this way since she has been lucky enough to connect with an expert, Michael Manias from London. Tina has fortunately been able to have Michael as a teacher since she went to one of his lectures on Space Rehabilitation ®™ , which she now teaches to Regression Therapists, three years ago.

Tina is still under Michael’s wing and Riccardo is also a student. Many clients benefit from Michael’s wisdom. You can learn more about Space Rehab from Tina’s website.

We do encounter entities and clusters of entities, which are generally more powerful than the ones previously discussed. They often have thought forms with them, dark force and seem to have become larger over time. Some travel the universe looking for people who are vulnerable and can control and join several people at once. They often report some kind of destructive purpose and will report to other entities and are also controlled by those other entities so that a string is present.

With such attachments it is important to follow all the chains, which may be 6 or 7 layers deep, and to undo all the commands. These can and often do link to the programmes mentioned earlier. Again, if these can be identified by the medium of remote spirit release, a better way forward is often to work in one to one therapy with Tina to achieve permanent clearing. This is a highly specialized field as are the programmes and implants.

Again, we acknowledge Michael Manias for his invaluable assistance and training in this field.

The idea that we are not alone in the universe is not a new one and in an analysis of types of attachment we carried out some years ago, we found that around 15% of attachments were off our world.
If you were to pick up New Scientist, Scientific American or any similar publication you would not be able to avoid a mention of ETs.
We speak not only from our own experiences as spirit release therapists but from information reported elsewhere and from speaking with other colleagues, Michael Manias being one. Some of what you read may seem bizarre and indeed it is. We report only what we have actually encountered and find that other therapists encounter exactly the same entities when we compare notes on the types of entities and ETs.

There seem to be many other dimensions, worlds and many types of ET. Mostly they attach to us by accident and it is not uncommon to ask an ET how it can to be with someone and to receive a reply of ‘well I crashed my spacecraft’. We offer assistance and reconnection to their home planet.

Some ETs come to help us, some want to know us, some want to feed on us and/or our energy, some are experimenters, some envy our human form and ability to feel, some are watching us and reporting back, some want to learn, some got lost and are stuck and some want to harm. I am sorry to say that some are reported to use us for breeding purposes (see Close Encounters VI – William Baldwin)
Some ETs actually feed upon our energy and when told that they are breaking the universal laws of freewill some will immediately apologise and others express a ‘so-what’ attitude – I’m hungry – munch, munch. In the latter cases we obtain assistance from their dimension and their removal is expedited by their own beings.

Other ETs align with dark force or other and are actively engaged in harming the human race and trying to merge with our DNA. These cases need to be traced back to their source and we have discovered that some of them have been captured by other beings/entities are have been programmed against their freewill to harm humans. They are glad to be released but then we have to deal with their controllers to ensure permanent clearance. They often use cyclic implants set to go off at certain ages, in certain situations and, worryingly, into the future. This latter work is sometimes better done in session rather than remotely also.

Some ET attachments can take a long time to recover from but happily these are not as prevalent as the simpler types.

Again, in our experience, we have encountered a range of elementals that live in a parallel world but we are unable to ‘see’ possibly because they are vibrating at such a different rate to us.
The elementals we tend to encounter in spirit release are ones upset by the client because work has been done to ‘their’ garden and they have been uprooted and had their homes destroyed. These same elementals become angry and will attach to us to get revenge and become stuck in our dense energy.

Other elementals attach to us because they like us want to know us better and wonder what we are about. Our energetic density ensures that they stick and their distress can be discomforting for us.
We are asked at times to work for people who want our help in learning about the elementals in their gardens, farms, and homes so that to co-operate with these elementals in our gardens is to live in harmony. There is one corner of our garden that we simply are not permitted to mow the lawn in to cite such a case.

With the amount of building work, road works and decimation of woodlands and countryside, the elemental population are suffering acutely and we do recommend that if you are doing work in your own house and garden, that you consider the other world folk living there and perhaps consult workers like us to mediate! It may be that a small water feature is the answer to harmonious living following disturbance but it is worth finding out.

We do not claim to be experts in this field and only a small proportion of attachments seem to be from this dimension but we have had 100% success when working with these energies. It is enriching to be in touch with this magical and enchanting realm.

In much the same way as elementals are affected by our activities and can become angry if disrupted, earth energies react in the same way. We have done much work in homes above or crossing ley lines, where there is a tear in the fabric of the earth and where earth creatures are disturbed. Again, this work has been 100% successful and places where people have been ill, feeling uncomfortable and experience dis-ease – areas become settled and happy again.

We also come across the effects of earth energies that have, in past times, merged with the darker side of human nature. We have worked with areas in which a piece of ground has been infested with pestilence, disease that this has caused a merging of hate between man and earth which has carried on through the generations, more or less forming an illness or sickness through a family and community resulting in early deaths and dis-ease.

This at first appears to be an ancestral pattern but when investigated is more complex and deadly. It has been possible to effect change and still work remotely as the geography is not always clear for local visits since this can take place in other countries but still operate in this space and time.